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Color stainless steel titanium plate titanium coated finished products even if the shear plane and other mechanical processing, the surface color will not appear fragmentation or scratch. This technique of colouring can improve the aesthetics of architectural decoration, and different decoration styles can be obtained by using different colors and shapes.

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    With the development of social economy, environmental problem has become an important problem that cannot be avoided. In recent years, the introduction of new environmental protection law, no doubt to the stainless steel pipe enterprises brought new challenges, stainless steel pipe enterprises must actively respond to the call of the state. China's stainless steel pipe industry, in the current living environment to reach the upper limit, promoting the development of green and low-carbon environmental protection has become the inevitable choice of stainless steel pipe enterprises in the future. Therefore, take the road of green production, speed up the transformation of stainless steel tube enterprise environmental protection.

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